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Returning to Little Ness VH

The SAS return to Little Ness village hall SY42LG, for the winter observing season and telescope clinic. Wrapped up warm and armed with flasks, as well as telescopes For once the weather gods were reasonably helpful. There were banks of thin high clouds but interspersed with quite clear areas. Even here the wetness of the atmosphere reduced visibility which more or less precluded much of the binocular observing. Hence the experienced observers took the new families for a constellation tour – Ursa Major, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Pegasus, Cygnus and Lyra. Jupiter, with its four Galilean moons, hung low in the murky eastern sky but despite this the new families were able to take a close look. Because of the haze the banding in the Jovian atmosphere was only just discernible. Thanks Stan for your valued contribution.

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