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Little Ness rides again

Little Ness rides again!

The return of Little Ness for the winter season, Ten adult observers attended with two teenagers. Three of these observers were new to Little Ness. There were 6 scopes of varying sizes and numerous binoculars. The evening served up a bright full moon which washed out a large proportion of the sky, aided and abetted by the thin cloud. While Ursa Major and Cassiopeia were visible throughout, most of the constellations disappeared and re-appeared as the misty cloud drifted around, With the exceptions of Mizar in Ursa Major and the Andromeda galaxy – a pale fuzzy shadow of its true self - little in the way of deep sky stuff was visible, Fortunately we were graced by the presence of Jupiter and Saturn which, despite their proximity to the Moon, were good targets, particularly for the new observers.

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